Report on Syria and the horrific crimes committed by ISIS against the Yazidis

32h session of the Human Rights Council

 Item 4 – ID Commission of Inquiry on Syria

 Statement by the Allied Rainbow Communities International

Delivered by Fadi Saleh

Mr. (Vice) President ,

The Report details the horrific crimes committed by ISIS against Yazidi women and girls. The Report in its recommendations emphasizes the different nature of the crimes committed against the children according to their sex. It powerfully shows how sexual slavery and violence are systematically committed against women and girls. However, we would like to highlight that there are also reports of how captured boys have also been subjected to sexual violence. Sexual violence perpetrated against boys and men, whether by ISIS, the Syrian regime, or other factions, remains an issue that is shrouded in shame and secrecy and is rendered invisible. Targeting the sexuality of women and girls as well as men and boys is an integral part of ISIS’ genocidal project.

In that sense, ISIS’ genocidal project also targets non normative sexualities.  As previous reports have shown, ISIS in both its ideology and its practice has demonstrated that its aim is not merely persecution but elimination of the entire grouping comprising those who engage in homosexual conduct.

We call upon the Commission to take forward its pioneering analysis of genocide in the context of the Yazidi community and analyze its applicability to other groups similarly targeted by ISIS including homosexuals, Kurds, Arameans and other ethnic minorities.

We also call upon the Commission in future reports to  analyze  the ways in which sexual violence and rape perpetrated against men and boys can  constitute both genocide and a crime against humanity.

Thank you,

Mr. (Vice)President