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    Regional/International Convenings

    Regional Convenings

    ARC’s regional meetings engage activists on different continents to identify issue of that particular region, learn from each other’s experiences and raise visibility of LGBTQI within their space.

    Read Pacific Regional Human Rights Conference 2015 Report.


    International Dialogues

    ARC’s International Dialogues bring together activists from around the world to share information, strategies and best practices.

    These meetings allow people to share experiences in advocating human rights related to LGBTI persons as well as to strengthen knowledge on monitoring, documenting and reporting LGBTi-related human rights violations.

    Read below the reports of our Dialogues in Turkey, Brazil, Geneva, South Korea, South Africa, Argentina and Saint Lucia.

    Dialogue reports (PDF)

    Istanbul 2016EspañolArabic

    Saint Lucia 2012Français, Español
    Argentina 2010

    South Africa 2006
    South Korea 2005 Español
    Geneva 2004 Español
    Brazil 2003