Welcoming the appointment of Vitit Muntarbhorn as the first Independent Expert of SOGI

Kim Vance analyses why the appointment of Vitit Muntarbhorn can be vital in navigating the discussion of SOGI at the UN. 

“ARC International was pleased to see that Mr. Vitit Muntarbhorn was appointed to the position, and I personally feel that if anyone is able to bridge a divide with moderate OIC member states, he stands a very good chance of being successful”, points out ARC’s Excecutive Director Kim Vance.

In her latest blog post, she points out that “it is clear to me that Vitit Muntarbhorn will bring professionalism and integrity to this work. It is also clear that he will bring extreme humility and be a good listener. Civil society needs all of these attributes to effectively engage with and support his mandate for the next three years”.

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