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Departure note

The Board of ARC International has received and accepted Kim Vance-Mubanga’s resignation as Executive Director (effective March 27) with sadness and understanding. We are immensely sad to be losing Kim, our Co-founder in 2003, Co-director from then until 2015, and Executive Director since then. We understand that Kim is now seeking new challenges and new fields in which to apply her enormous skills and we support her fully in that.
Kim’s departure is the most significant event in ARC’s history since its founding, but it will not mean the end of ARC. On the contrary, ARC will continue with new leadership, new visions and new energy. New members have recently joined the board to guide us through transition, and Kim will continue in an advisory capacity to the board to assist with transition. We will see this organisation continuing to make gains in many fields affecting the human rights of LGBTI people.

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