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SOGI list subscription

Please fill out the form below if you are a sogi-list member who wishes to subscribe someone new. However please note our policies regarding list membership and subscriptions. In particular:

  • Currently, no-one is able to “self-subscribe” to this list. All list members must be referred/recommended by a current list member and manually subscribed by ARC International staff. Non-members are not able to post to the list or access list postings.
  • We also attempt to only subscribe individual e-mail addresses, not mass aliases that are filtered to a number of recipients.
  • The list was established as an NGO space for strategy sharing. Over time, the space has evolved to include some funders, progressive faith based groups, UN staff, academics/independent scholars, and journalists. Sometimes, these lines are not clear, for instance some funders straddle the line of NGO/funder, and some writers are involved in organizations or services that function as NGOs.
  • Given potential security concerns that have been raised regarding journalists, we reserve the right to vet their subscription with list members, if there is a concern or question about their membership.
  • State or government representatives are not eligible to join or participate in list discussions.

Please note that in joining the sogi-list, all members agree to uphold all of the list policies which are available here.

Prière de noter qu’en devenant membre de la liste SOGI, tous les membres acceptent de respecter les politiques de la liste disponibles ici.

Por favor, observe que al unirse a la lista sogi, todos los miembros aceptan adherirse a las políticas de la lista, que están disponibles aquí.

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  • Details of person to subscribe

    Détails sur la personne à abonner / Datos de la persona que desea que suscribamos
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  • Please provide an individual email address, not a general institutional e-mail or a mass alias that is filtered to a number of recipients. / SVP fournir une adresse électronique individuelle, pas une adresse institutionnelle ou un contact général qui est filtré par un grand nombre de récipiendaires. / Favor de proporcionar una dirección individual de correo electrónico, y no un e-mail general institucional ni de correos masivos que llegan a varios destinatarios.