The leadership of the LAC 7

What cannot be underestimated is the leadership role of the LAC 7, not only in the LAC region, but across the world. The LAC 7 were instrumental in ensuring that their region was completely behind the vote. The significance of this consensual presentation of the position of the region as whole, apart from ensuring that the bloc of votes was in support, was to demonstrate that the issue of discrimination and violence on grounds of SOGI was not a western issue but rather an issue of grave concern to global south countries.

The leadership was also evident in the degree of care with which the lobbying for the resolution was approached. There was open and close consultation with civil society and a willingness to take suggestions on board as well as an effort to get on board the maximum number of states. It is entirely possible that the Asian and African countries which either voted for or abstained on the resolution, did so because the leadership on the SOGI resolution 2016 came from the global south.