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Heading AIDS 2018 Conference

AIDS 2018, the 22nd International AIDS Conference is almost here. From July 23th to the 27th, people from all over the world will convene in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to share the latest on HIV and many more experiences around it. ARC has a lot to say and share with those who will attend the Conference.
ARC’s ED Kim Vance is being part of three activities, co-hosted with and organized by allied organizations.
Join us!

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Experts release much anticipated expansion of the Yogyakarta Principles

The Yogyakarta Principles plus 10 (YP+10) were adopted by a group of 33 international human rights experts. The new principles reflect significant developments both in the field of international human rights law and in the understanding of violations affecting persons of ‘diverse sexual orientations and gender identities’, as well as a recognition of the often-distinct violations affecting persons on grounds of ‘gender expression’ and ‘sex characteristics’.

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