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This is our latest e-bulletin!

After some intensive months, we are pleased to get back to you all and share what have been our latest activities. As we already told you, we have done some movements regarding our staff, so our Geneva director has moved to Bangalore, India, assuming the new title of Director of Research and Practice. We have also participated in UN spaces, attended strategic meetings and delivered conferences and trainings. Please, take a look at some of our latest activities.

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This is our latest e-bulletin

Once more we would like to share with you some of our latest activities. During these intense months we have been working on updating and expanding Yogyakarta Principles, while participating in different UN spaces to strengthen LGBTI peoples’ human rights. We have launched reports, attended a wide range of conferences, and delivered speeches on SOGIESC.
We take this opportunity to send you our warmest wishes for the holiday season.

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Take a look at our latest e-bulletin!

Once again, it is a pleasure to share with you what the ARC team has been doing during recent months. We have engaged actively in UN spaces to push LGBTI rights forward, and we also delivered several trainings aiming at strengthening our allied NGOs’ capacities. We continued to enhance our networking, as well as delivered conference presentations and speeches.
This newsletter reviews key activities in recent months.

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