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Frequently asked questions

How do I send an email to the SOGI list?

To post a message to all the list members, send email to sogi-list[at]

If you Bcc the list address or include too many other addresses in the “To” or “Cc” fields, your email will not go through, but will be held for admin approval.

How can I join the list?

Currently, no-one is able to “self-subscribe” to this list. All list members must be referred/recommended by a current list member and manually subscribed by ARC International staff. Current list-members can refer someone for subscription by filling out the online form.

What are the list policies?

List policies on management, membership, postings, “netiquette” and so on are available here.

Why did my posting not go through to the list?

There are four main reasons a posting may be rejected by the list software:

(i)             Only members may post to the list. If you are not a list-member, your e-mail will be held pending administrator approval;

(ii)           Many people have more than one e-mail address. If you try to post from an email address that is not subscribed to the list, the list software will treat this as a posting by a non-member, and will not distribute it;

(iii)          If you place the list address in the “bcc” field, it will not be recognised by the list software;

(iv)          If you send a mass mailing (eg a Press Release) to multiple e-mail addresses at once, it may be flagged as spam and not distributed.

In brief: to ensure you e-mail is validly distributed, just place the list address in the “To” field, send it from the e-mail to which you are subscribed to the list, and don’t include multiple recipients.

Do I receive an acknowledgment of my own posting?

Usually, you will receive a copy of your own posting. This is not always the case, however, and may depend on your own server settings. If you would like to receive a specific acknowledgment of your post, you can toggle this option on (see: “How can I manage my subscription?”, below)

How do I change the e-mail address through which I am subscribed?

To change your e-mail address, just e-mail:, with “change of e-mail” in the subject line.

How do I unsubscribe from the sogi list?

You can unsubscribe from the SOGI list through your list account options (see: “How can I manage my subscription?”, below), or by e-mailing:, with “unsubscribe” in the subject line.

How can I manage the volume of list traffic?

If you are finding the volume of postings a bit much, here are some tips to help manage the information flow:

(i) Digest option: there is a digest option for those who wish to receive list messages bundled together into a single daily e-mail.  You can access your list settings by filling out the form at the bottom of the following page (using the password mailed to you on a monthly basis):

Once logged in, you can switch yourself to digest mode.

(ii) Filters: Another handy tool is to set up filters which automatically sort your emails from the SOGI listserv into a separate folder so that they don’t clutter up your inbox. You can then peruse them at your leisure.  For example:

(iii) Managing list postings: we also ask for list-members’ cooperation in avoiding unnecessary clutter on the listserv.  Please see the list policies and “netiquette” guidelines here.

Individuals who persistently post excessively may be switched to “individual moderation”, at the moderators’ discretion.

How can I manage my subscription? What are my subscription options?

Log in to your account on the list by filling out the form at the bottom of this page, using the password e-mailed to you on a monthly basis.

Once you are logged in to your individual subscription page, you can manage the following options:

1. Mail delivery / vacation mode

Set this option to Enabled to receive messages posted to this mailing list. Set it to Disabled if you want to stay subscribed, but don’t want mail delivered to you for a while (e.g. you’re going on vacation). If you disable mail delivery, don’t forget to re-enable it when you come back; it will not be automatically re-enabled.

2. Digest mode

If you turn digest mode on, you’ll get posts bundled together once per day, instead of singly when they’re sent. If digest mode is changed from on to off, you may receive one last digest.

3. Get MIME or Plain Text Digests?

Your mail reader may or may not support MIME digests. In general MIME digests are preferred, but if you have a problem reading them, select plain text digests. (More info)

4. Receive your own posts to the list?

List-members usually receive a copy of each message they post to the list. If you don’t want to receive this copy, set this option to No.

5. Receive acknowledgement mail when you send mail to the list?

Choose Yes if you want to receive confirmation that your messages to the list are being delivered.

6. Get password reminder email for this list?

Once a month, you will get an email containing a reminder of your password to access the sogi list subscriber options.  If you do not wish to receive this reminder e-mail, you can select No for this option.

7. Avoid duplicate copies of messages?

When you are listed explicitly in the To: or Cc: headers of a list message, you can opt to not receive another copy from the mailing list. Select Yes to avoid receiving copies from the mailing list; select No to receive copies.

Further questions?

You can contact the list administrator at: