Conference Presentations

These conference presentations provide information on accessing key UN Mechanisms, the challenges faced by LGBTI Human Rights Defenders, and the application of the Yogyakarta Principles to Issues of Decriminalisation and Nondiscrimination.


The Yogyakarta Principles on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: Six Conceptual Advances enabled by the Principles – APF-UNDP Conference on the Yogyakarta Principles: What have we learnt and where to now? April 2017, Bangkok, Thailand.

The Yogyakarta Principles: five things every activist should know –  Rainbow Talk at the 2016 ILGA World Conference, Bangkok, Thailand. November, 2016.

Application of Yogyakarta Principles to Decriminalisation & Non-Discrimination – APF Bali 2010
LGBTI Human Rights Defenders
Brazil Presentation – Queering the UN, 2010 (English and Spanish)

Presentation on UN mechanisms – (Turkey)