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United Arab Emirates

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3rd UPR session
Date of review: 4 December 2008
Date of report adoption: 12 January 2009
Document number: A/HRC/10/75


SOGIESC issues during the United Arab Emirates’s 1st UPR review
Civil society submissions: ✘
National report: ✘
UN information: ✓
Working group discussions: ✓
Recommendations: ✓ (1 noted)

I. SOGIESC issues/recommendations identified by NGOs
No references.

II. Excerpts on SOGIESC issues from the national report
No references.

III. Excerpts on SOGIESC issues by UN agencies
Right to life, liberty and security of the person

12. The Special Rapporteur on torture, other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment sent an urgent appeal in 2005 jointly with the Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers as well as the Chairperson of the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention regarding allegations of abuse by police and imprisonment on charges relating to homosexuality and obscenity under a Sharia-based law. The alleged confessions from the victims, which were presented as evidence, were extracted under invasive forensic examinations which could amount to torture or ill-treatment. No response to this communication was received from the Government.

IV. References to SOGIESC issues during the Working Group review
62. Noting that consensual sexual activity between people of the same sex is forbidden by law in the country, Sweden recommended that the Government (a) consider additional policy measures to promote tolerance and non-discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. Sweden noted that corporal punishment of adults is practiced in the country.

V. Conclusions and/or recommendations
The United Arab Emirates noted the following recommendations:

Consider additional policy measures to promote tolerance and non-discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation (Sweden).

VI. Further information
You will find all documents relating to the United Arab Emirates’s first review at UPR-Info and OHCHR’s websites.