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7th UPR session
Date of review: 8 February 2010
Date of report adoption: 15 March 2010
Document number: A/HRC/14/2


SOGIESC issues during Qatar’s 1st UPR review
Civil society submissions: ✓ (1 submission)
National report: ✘
UN information: ✘
Working group discussions: ✓
Recommendations: ✓ (1 noted)

I. SOGIESC issues/recommendations identified by NGOs
Right to privacy, marriage and family life  

33. Joint Submission (JS) [ILGA, ILGA-Europe, IGLHRC, and ARC International] indicated that along with the Civil and Penal Codes, Sharia law is in force in Qatar, although only applicable to Muslims and that the offence of Zina makes any sexual act by a married person outside of marriage punishable by death, while sexual acts by non-married persons are punishable by flogging.

34. JS also indicated that Qatar maintains criminal sanctions against sexual activity between consenting adults and recommended that the Human Rights Council urge Qatar to impose a moratorium on the death penalty and repeal all provisions which criminalize sexual activity between consenting adults. FMDVP indicated that it is important to stop discrimination based on sexual orientation in Qatar.

II. Excerpts on SOGIESC issues from the national report
No references.

III. Excerpts on SOGIESC issues by UN agencies
No references.

IV. References to SOGIESC issues during the Working Group review
67. Sweden also requested the delegation to elaborate on measures the Government might be considering to ensure that no one was discriminated against, including on the grounds of sexual orientation or identity, in line with the Yogyakarta principles. Sweden made recommendations.

V. Conclusions and/or recommendations
Qatar noted the following recommendations:

86.6. To ensure that LGBT persons are not discriminated against and, as an immediate step, to amend the provisions of the penal code criminalizing consensual sexual activity among persons of the same sex and to ensure that no one is punished for such activity under Sharia law (Sweden).

VI. Further information
You will find all documents relating to Qatar’s first review at UPR-Info and OHCHR’s websites.