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32nd session

HRC32 from @UNGeneva

June 13th – July 1st  2016

The defining event of the 32nd Session of the Human Rights Council was the passing of the resolution appointing an Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. The resolution, apart from being the third resolution on sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) at the Council, went several steps further and set in place a dedicated mechanism tasked with examining discrimination and violence on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity over the next three years.

Read our Report on the 32nd session of the HRC: “Appointing an Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender identity: An Analysis of Process, Results and Implications”.

Download full Report in PDF

Lea nuestro Informe sobre el  32º Período de sesiones del Consejo de Derechos Humanos: “La designación de un(a) Experto/a Independiente sobre Orientación Sexual e Identidad de Género: análisis del proceso, los resultados y sus implicaciones”.

Descargue el Informe completo en PDF.

Lisez notre Rapport sur le  32e session du Conseil des droits de l’homme: « Nomination d’un(e) Expert(e) indépendant(e) sur l’orientation sexuelle et l’identité de genre : une analyse du processus, des résultats et des implications ».

Rapport en PDF.

Compilation of the Adoption of the 2016 SOGI Resolution. (by ARC International and ILGA)

Press release: United Nations Makes History on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. UN human rights body establishes an Independent Expert.

Resolution on “Protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity”. (A/HRC/RES/32/2)

Naciones Unidas hace historia en Orientación Sexual e Identidad de Género. El organismo de derechos humanos de la ONU establece un* Expert* Independiente.

Resolución sobre “Protección contra la violencia y la discriminación por motivos de orientación sexual e identidad de género”. (A/HRC/32/L.2/Rev.1)

Resolution in other languages. (A/HRC/32/L.2/Rev.1)

#SOGIexpertNOW_for web pages628 NGOs from 151 countries call for a SOGI Independent Expert at the UN.

Article by Arvind Narrain: “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: A Necessary Conceptual Framework for Advancing Rights?”

Artículo de Arvind Narrain: “Orientación sexual e identidad de género: ¿un marco conceptual de trabajo necesario para hacer avanzar los derechos?”

Article par Arvind Narrain: “Orientation sexuelle et identité de genre : un cadre conceptuel nécessaire pour promouvoir les droits?”

We urge Palau to develop laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of SOGI and intersex status.We urge Solomon Islands to ensure that any constitutional reform is inclusive – UPR.

-Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights. Statement by the Allied Rainbow Communities International (ARC International).

Report on Syria and the horrific crimes committed by ISIS against the Yazidis. Statement by ARC.

Side event

side event HRC32 2

“Ending violence against LGBT people? Addressing the protection gaps in the un system”.

Emphatizing with Orlando: Spontaneous expressions by LGBT communities around the world.

Progression of a Progressive International Stance: ARCs Side Event at the 32nd Session of the Human Rights Council.