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#CSW65: what was won, what is pending

The 65th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), the foremost intergovernmental body dedicated to gender equality, came to a close on Friday, 26 March 2021, after negotiations on the text of the agreed conclusions stretched into the final day of the conference. 
The Women’s Rights Caucus (WRC)—a global coalition of more than 200 feminist organizations, networks, and collectives that advocates for gender equality at the United Nations— welcomes the adoption of the Agreed Conclusions and the renewal of a global commitment to achieving inclusive gender equality. The consensus shows multilateral support to advance the human rights of all women and girls.
Despite pushback from regressive governments, WRC welcomes several key areas of progress.

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Feminist declaration on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women

Feminist groups, trade unionists, women’s and community-based organizations, indigenous groups, disability rights advocates, LBTQ+ and gender non-conforming people, intersex people, women human rights defenders and girls’ and youth-led organizations (among others) have made this document on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women.
As part of the Women’s Rights Caucus, recognizing that several member states lack political courage or will to commit to an ambitious political declaration 25 years after the Fourth World Conference on Women, we undertake to offer what we believe is a truly meaningful and reflective feminist declaration; one that takes stock of the current state of the world and the realities of women, girls and gender-non-conforming people in all their diversities.

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We are present at CSW62

Once more, ARC International is actively participating at the Commission on the Status of Women. Among other activities, we co-hosted the side event “Human Rights Principles for the treatment of LGBTI rural women and people” with OutRight Action International, and Transgender Europe (TGEU). Throughout the panel, the experts referred to the Yogyakarta Principles plus 10 (YP+10) and how they can be applied to rural LBTI women and people, particularly subjected to human rights violations.

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