About Kim Vance-Mubanga, Executive Director

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Kim Vance, Co-Director, ARC International
Kim Vance, Executive Director, ARC International

Before founding ARC International in 2003, Kim Vance-Mubanga served as President of Egale Canada (Canada’s national LGBT organization), and is a seasoned activist within LGBTI communities at the international, national and local levels. For over a decade, Kim served on the editorial board of Atlantic Canada’s LGBT community newspaper, Wayves, and helped found Nova Scotia’s provincial LGBT organisation, NSRAP. She has received the Pride Community Service Award in her province, secured the first Registered Domestic Partnership in Canada, and was a successful litigant in one of the Canadian court challenges to secure equal marriage rights for same-sex couples. She is also the very proud mother of two adopted children, Marcus and Patty.

Kim has degrees from Dalhousie and Acadia Universities, specializing in Education, and is pursuing further graduate studies in Adult Education at St. Francis Xavier University. As an experienced educator and author, she has conducted training and research within LGBTI communities and trade unions, and has managed community economic development projects, particularly with marginalized women. She also has a background in film and television and has produced and directed projects with the Elizabeth Fry Society, Planned Parenthood, LGBT Youth Project and Vision TV.

Kim founded and chaired an International Affairs Committee within Egale, and oversaw the organization’s participation in the World Conference Against Racism in South Africa (including a research project on the intersections of race and sexual orientation) and the development of a conference for activists in the South East Asia region. She has participated in all of Beijing review conferences in New York City, examining advancement and development for women around the world, and has planned numerous International Dialogues in locations around the world, including Brazil, South Korea, South Africa, Montreal, Geneva, Argentina, and Saint Lucia.